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Production is produced by Olive Processing Plant in the village of Sakobo, Sighnaghi region. According to the director of "Georgian Olive" Neli Getiashvili, two types of black and white olive oil are produced by cold pressing technology. According to him, the products can be sold in hypermarket "Agrohab".
"At this stage we have put our products into the" Carrefour "network and then sold to other merchants. The oil will be 250, 500 and 750 grams of jars, 5,10 and 18 liter tin in boxes. Georgian olive oil is the highest standard of protection. As for the olive marine, at this stage it is in the process of reconciliation and is expected to appear in the market in 1 month, "- said
In the first phase, the company reopened 30 tonnes of olive oil. Neli Getiashvili says that the price of oil is relatively low compared to imported products, the quality is high. According to him, negotiations with one of the Dutch companies have already begun to export the products.
"3 kilograms of olive oil produce 1 liter of oil. This is a unique result. The price of our products is quite favorable for everyone. The price of oil produced by us is relatively low compared to the imported product. 250 grams of olive oil for 8 lari, 500 grams for 14 lari and 750 grams will be sold for 16 lari. The 5-liter tin can be 80 lari, 10 lari 160 lari and 18 lari 288 lari. Production laboratory research was carried out in accordance with food safety requirements. The oil bar is the highest. This year we got the first harvest. At this stage we will all over Georgia, and for the next year our goal is to export the products. If our products are exported, negotiations are going on with one of the Dutch companies. Today we had a presentation in Carrefour and we also met Italian partners. In addition, we plan to go to the Transcaucasian countries, "said Neli Getiashvili
The company plans to start production of cattle, pomegranate and peach oil in the future. The production capacity of the plant produces several hundred tons (10 tons per hour) for the production of high-quality olive oil of marine and extra virgin.
The Olive Processing Plant equipped with modern technologies was opened in the village of Sakobo last year. The company is planted on 300 hectares of olive plantations in Dedoplistskaro and Sighnaghi districts.
The "Georgian Olive" Enterprise was built in the frames of the project "Co-financing of Agricultural Production Processing and Savings Enterprises" (345 800 US dollars) in cooperation with the Agriculture Projects Management Agency. The project, whose total investment cost is 5 million GEL, businessman Giorgi Svanidze has implemented.