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Olive oil is a very popular product that people use as a food product, and oils are extracted, and leaves extract extract used in medicine.

Olive oil is used to prevent heart disease, breast cancer and colorectal cancer. During rheumatoid arthritis and migraine.

Olive oil is also used in the formation of high blood cholesterol and arthritis bladder disease.

Olive leaf extracts against viral infections during meningitis during Efetin virus, during encephalitis,

The efficacy of the confirmed or partially confirmed effect of medical research is as follows:

Constipation - constipation
Breast Cancer - Acceptance of the fruits of oil reduces the risk of breast cancer.
Change of olive oil Olive oil changes the risk of cardiovascular disease.
His regular reception reduces the likelihood of colorectal cancer development.
Reduces pressure.
The effectiveness of olive oil use is not confirmed in other conditions.

Obtaining olive does not have significant side effects.


For consensus, 30 ml of olive oil

High pressure 30-40 g per day. Or 400 mg olive leaf extract.